Buckhurst farming

Organic Farming
The Estate prides itself on its environmental credentials, participating in a multitude of stewardship schemes which fit in well with the organic management of the estate.
Alongside organic arable cropping a pedigree organic Sussex cattle herd has been established in recent years in addition to the rearing of organic Large Black pigs. The pork and beef produced is marketed locally to pubs and restaurants and much enjoyed by everybody.

Pedigree Sussex Beef
The Buckhurst Pedigree Sussex Herd is developing a reputation for producing a flavoursome and quality carcass and has been nurtured to establish a pure Sussex line. The Sussex Breed is world famous as efficient converters of grass to beef and given the organic status of the estate it is well suited to low input systems.

To learn more about the Sussex breed visit Sussex Cattle Society at www.sussexcattlesociety.org.uk

Large Black Pigs
Newly established to the Buckhurst Estate is the herd of Large Black Pigs. With origins in the Old English Hog from the 16th and 17th centuries, the Large Black is Britain’s only all black pig and has lop ears and a long deep body. They are extremely docile, hardy and suited to simple outdoor systems, making them ideal for Buckhurst’s organic farming system. The Large Black is much appreciated for its succulent meat and eating qualities. It is superb as pork, but excels when traditionally cured as bacon.

Buckhurst Black Pig is currently supplied locally.

Jacob Sheep
Countess De La Warr has a small flock of pedigree Jacob sheep which graze the parkland and we are expecting the spring lambs any day now

pedigree sussex beef

large black pigs